KSZO_ protective sheath


Šifra: KSZO_

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  • to prevent moisture, water and dirt from entering the connector
  • for temperatures up to 200 °C
  • 2 pieces required per connector set



KSZO_ Protective Sheath is a flexible sheath that tightly covers a set of connectors and prevents moisture, water and dirt from entering the connector.

The KSZO_ protective sleeve is conical in shape, made of silicone rubber with a retaining ring to prevent disconnection due to vibration.

KSZO_ has two versions, which differ in size according to the number of connector pins;

  • KSZO1 for two-pole connector
  • KSZO2 for three-pole connector


many other prefabricated elements and accessories are also available, depending on the application, please enquire.