WB-0001 ROTRONIC liquid level detector


Šifra: WB-0001

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  • cable length: 1.5 m
  • Application range: 0 … +50 °C
  • Power supply: 3 V CR2450 lithium metal battery
  • measured parameters: water or conductive liquids
  • Power consumption: 0.9 mA in dynamic balance / 3.0 mA in alarm



The WB-0001 ROTRONIC liquid level detector detects an exceeded level of water or conductive liquids when the level is so high that it bridges the two conductive strips at the bottom of the housing.

When the strips are overflowing, audible and visual warnings are triggered, as well as an internal switch.

The detection height can be adjusted from 0.08 mm to 13.5 mm with the included adjustable mounting bracket. It can be fixed to any flat surface, either with adhesive strips or fixing screws.


Benefits of WB-0001

  • relay output
  • battery-powered
  • visual and audible alarm
  • adjustable detection height
  • detecting leaks as soon as they occur





Included in the consignment

  • short instructions for use
  • CR2450 battery

Application WB-0001

  • protecting equipment from water damage
  • drip vessels in air preparation units
  • Raised floors in data centres, museums, archives and basements


For more technical information, please refer to the technical data sheet in the Annex (Documentation).

Other designations: WB 0001, WB0001, WB_0001


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