TTU-KAB-040_PTFE handle – RTDs with connection cable


Šifra: TTU-KAB-040_PTFE ročaj

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  • Number of sensors: 1 or 2
  • measuring element: Pt100 or Pt 1000
  • Accuracy class: A or A+
  • Sensor binding: 2, 3 or 4 water
  • Installation length: x (mm)
  • Process connector: none or x
  • diameter of the protective tube: 6 mm or x
  • see technical data sheet for the rest




TTU-KAB-040_PTFE handle industry temperature sensors (RTD) with connection cable; probe, are a common design for temperature measurement in general applications.

The cable sensor, as it is most commonly called, is a common design for a variety of purposes. It can be installed in the protective sleeves of tanks, pipelines or with a separate installation element such as compression couplings, flanges or on its own without installation elements. The maximum use temperature depends on the insulation of the connecting cable. A safety spring protects the joint with the cable and allows adequate flexibility, but can be supplied without the spring if it would interfere with the installation.

There are over a thousand temperature sensor products in our product configurator, and the sheer number tells you that this is really about customisation for the purpose of measurement. The right choice will achieve the intended use, but using the same sensor for different purposes across the board does not work and is not cost-effective (breakage, disconnection, damage). For smaller users, simpler versions are available.


Temperature ranges

  • -40 to 80 °C with PVC connection cable
  • -40 to 200 °C with silicone connection cable
  • -200 to 200 °C with PTFE connection cable
  • -40 to 400 °C with metal braided cable
  • -200 to 850 °C in special construction, if required


Choice of implementation

Select the desired design using the code list in the Documentation tab, or call us on 02 62 96 720 or write to us on the Enquiry form and let us help you make your choice.

We recommend a mounting length of at least ten times (10x) the pipe diameter, shorter lengths have a negative effect on the accuracy of the measurement. The dimpled tip is chosen for faster air measurements (ventilation) and the tapered tip for fast measurements of other media. It can be in Ex version or in combination with a DIN rail transducer. Often, needle sticks are connected to monitoring systems or portable instruments.

To avoid a pin-prick measurement, surface measurements are allowed in some cases, either by using special surface probes or by
IR thermometers
to scan thermal zones. Surface measurements are among the more complex measurements from the user’s point of view, so caution is advised when using or training users.

The TTU-KAB-040_PTFE handle can be of various lengths, straight, angled or bent, with different connecting cables, without or with different connectors for portable instruments.


Benefits of industry versions

High accuracy, long life and stability. All this is achieved through strict quality control of materials and processes.


Protection for aggressive media

The joint can be protected with PTFE protection for aggressive media, if necessary also the cable section if required.


Watertight design

For temperature sensors with silicone connection cable, you can order a watertight version.


TTU-KAB in EX version

For use in EX rooms/areas we manufacture/supply TTU-KAB
ATEX certified
(Zone 2 with EX transducer, Zone 0 and 1 with additional barrier).


All temperature sensors can also be ordered with accredited certification or with verification in the desired range only, and all can be custom-made.



All temperature sensors can be made to your specifications and requirements. The most common designs are presented on the website, but in practice, production is mainly made to order. Call or email us and we will help you determine/choose the most suitable implementation for you based on your process requirements. Standard delivery time is 3 working days, urgent deliveries within 24 hours (emergency) are possible.

How to order a sensor?

From the Inquiry box, please send your requirements, specifying the operating temperature, the desired dimensions and the intended use. Don’t forget your phone number and email address. We will call you to confirm your offer before implementation. NO WORries: we won’t do anything without your prior approval.


Previous designations

U760 1000; U760 1001; U760 1002; U760 100; U760; U760 2000; U760 2001; U760 2002; U760 200; U760 3000; U760 3001; U760 3002; U760 300; U760 4000; U760 4001; U760 4002; U760 400; U760 5000; U760 5001; U760 5002; U760 500; U760 6000; U760 6001; U760 6002; U760 600


TTU-KAB-040_PTFE handle industry temperature sensors have a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty and are made in Slovenia.


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