TT-POV-TCK27x32x34R250x1000SS-MG/BR magnetic surface temperature sensor -50 °C … +250 °C


Šifra: TT-POV-TCK27x32x34R250x1000SS-MG/BR

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  • measuring element: NiCr – Ni, type K
  • silicone connection cable l = 1000 mm
  • Measuring head: fi 27 x 32 mm, l = 34 mm; material phenolic resin, measuring paper uninsulated
  • operating temperature: -50 … +250 °C
  • miniature flat connector




TT-POV-TCK27x32x34R250x1000SS-MG/BR magnetic surface temperature sensor -50 °C … +250 °C (surface probe) is designed for temperature measurements on metal surfaces.

Useful wherever you want to measure the surface temperature of metal products, machines, tools, lines and other surfaces. Most commonly used in maintenance and quality/quality control departments – tool and die shops, foundries, ironworks, development departments, wherever surface temperature is important, etc.


Prednosti TT-POV-TCK27x32x34R250x1000SS-MG/BR:

  • Surface temperature sensors are connected to temperature gauges, while magnetic sensors are often used in continuous surface measurements.
  • Typical durability of the measuring element: durability: A; more than 50,000 measurements when used on a smooth and clean surface up to max. 300 °C.

Ostala poimenovanja: TTPOVTCK27x32x34R250x1000SSMG/BR, TT_POV_TCK27x32x34R250x1000SS-MG/BR, TT-POV-TCK27x32x34R250x1000SS-MG/BR