TT-POV-TCK25x1000R1100x1000SS thermocouple for surface temperature measurement (head fi 25 mm, 1100 °C)


Šifra: TT-POV-TCK25x1000R1100x1000SS

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  • measuring head diameter 25 mm
  • measuring element: NiCr-Ni thermocouple, type “K”
  • operating temperature: +300 … +1100 °C
  • response time (T99): 5 s
  • with connecting cable l = 1000 mm and miniature connector, plug (adaptations possible)
  • Endurance: A (more than 50,000 measurements up to max. 300 °C)




TT-POV-TCK25x1000R1100x1000SS portable thermocouple for surface (contact) temperature measurement, with fast response time, up to 11000 °C.

Surface temperature is best measured with special surface temperature sensors, such as the product shown.

The advantage of measuring with contact (touch or contact) sensors is the accuracy, repeatability and simplicity of the measurement.

A connector (a miniature plug in the standard version) is provided for connection to the meter, which can be exchanged with others depending on the meter used in combination. This surface sensor design is recommended for portable temperature measurements of solid surfaces, such as: pipes, tools, products, packaging, walls, etc. The smaller measuring head of this model allows measuring even on very small surfaces, or in tool bores, or in protective tubes/tubes. They are often used to control plug-in thermocouples in tools and heating elements in plastics and rubber processing machines and to control finished products.

Surface temperature sensing products are commercially known by various names such as: contact, touch, surface, thermocouples, sensors or probes. Surface temperature can also be measured with non-contact IR meters or other special designs, or even very simplified designs such as wired thermocouples, clamp-on sensors, eyelet thermocouples, special plates, etc. To make the right choice, it is important to know the requirements of the process: whether the measurement is portable or fixed, intermittent or long-term, precise or indicative… The choice can be difficult. Contact us, we have a lot of experience in this field and we will help you.

Applications: quality departments, incoming inspection, outgoing inspection, measuring, maintenance, technology, product and material testing, development …

Use case: plastic kit

Other designations: TTPOVTCK25x1000R1100x1000SS, TT_POV_TCK25x1000R1100x1000SS, TT-POV-TCK25x1000R1100x1000SS