RS12T/RS24T weather cap with ROTRONIC active ventilation


Šifra: RS12T/RS24T

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  • ventilation: 3.5 m/s/900l/min
  • Fan: Papst fan IP54
  • material: aluminium POM, RAL 9010
  • Application range: -30 °C … +60 °C/0 … 100 % RH
  • Power supply: 12 V DC, 2 W (RS12T), 24 V DC (RS24T)
  • Fan life: at +40 °C – 70,000 hours (approx. 8 years)


The RS12T/RS24T weather cap with ROTRONIC active ventilation shields the weather sensor against weather and radiation with a built-in 12 or 24 V DC fan for forced air circulation.

The RS12T/RS24T shields have been developed in close collaboration with MeteoSwiss. This state-of-the-art device technology minimises the impact of thermal radiation on temperature and humidity measurements. The shield also offers optimal protection in stormy weather, including from horizontally directed rain and snow.

The values measured by the combination of weather shields and ROTRONIC meteorological sensors are virtually identical to those measured by the much more expensive dew point measuring devices used as reference instruments by many meteorological organisations.

The weather cap is supplied with a separate cable and user manual. Compared to previous products, the RS12T/RS24T offers outstanding measurement accuracy. The cap is compatible with all ROTRONIC Meteorology sensors.

Apart from the different fans and supply voltage, the weather caps are exactly the same. The fact that they offer protection from precipitation and radiation means that the temperature and humidity values are almost 100% identical to actual conditions. They achieve measurement accuracy by splitting the airflow: the main flow intersects the probe at right angles, which means optimum air flow.

The cap has two frames which are placed one over the other. The air is constantly exchanged between the two, so the temperature inside the measuring tube is the same as the prevailing conditions.



  • easy installation
  • Suitable for various Rotronic meteo sensors
  • Fan: Papst fan IP54
  • Fan life: at +40 °C – 70,000 hours (approx. 8 years)
  • easy installation of the shield with integrated fan
  • material: aluminium POM, RAL 9010 special white coating to reduce solar heating


RS12T/RS24T Scope of application

  • snow cannons, weather stations, agricultural meteorology, building management system



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RS-12T/RS-24T, RS-12T/RS-24T, RS12T-RS24T