QMC1 Communication Extension Module


Šifra: QMC1

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  • up to 16 modules can be connected
  • Communication speed: 57600 bps
  • reading speed: approx. 100 ms
  • Number of outputs: 4 or 2
  • max. Voltage: 30 V DC
  • max. capacity: 50 mA
  • Operating temperature: -10 … 55 °C
  • Operating humidity: 35 … 85 %
  • Power supply: 24 V DC (20 to 28 V DC possible)


The QMC1 Communication Extension Module is an extension module that can configure a multipoint control system via a PC or PLC. Up to 16 control modules can be connected to it
(without power/communication options) or
(without power/communication capability) via BUS system. A maximum of 64 measuring points can be controlled in this way . A maximum of 16 units can be connected to one block and a maximum of 1024 points can be monitored.

The QMC1 Communication Extension Module is used for communication, data transmission and data management. With SIF (Smart Interface) QMC1 allows direct connection to PLCs from different manufacturers, without the need for software. This function is also useful when two or more units need to be connected to the module via a PC.


Advantages of QMC1

  • no software connection to the PLC required ( SIF function) for easier installation
  • Watchdog function allows all inputs to be switched off automatically in the event of a fault
  • Useful as an analogue module, to optimise initial cost and wiring
  • easy maintenance with fault prediction
  • Peak braking function for lower energy costs
  • improved product quality (multi-zone connection, individual output selection)
  • five control methods included for reduced analogue work
  • 12 types of alarming
  • improved maintenance (better visibility with different LED illuminations)
  • MODBUS communication protocol (option: OMRON or Keyence)
  • type of mounting: DIN rail (possibility of mounting more modules)
  • protection: fire protection (polycarbonate panel)
  • Environmental requirements: compliance with the RoHS Directive
  • Standards: EN61010-1, EN61326 (EMS)
  • other functions

Multi-zone connection (automatic balance control)

The modular controller allows the control of zones (areas) of a control target (group), by linking. This protects it from partial combustion and/or mechanical damage, while minimising adverse effects on product quality.


Free software for the QMC1 Communication Extender Module is available at


Other designations: QMC 1, QMC-1, QMC_1


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