OLS-(S,H), optical level switches, WIKA


Šifra: OLS-(S,H)

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Delivery time: approximately 3-4 weeks

  • versions for pressure range: up to 500 bar
  • Explosion-proof (EX)versions
  • special versions: high pressure, interface measurement
  • operating temperature range: -269 … +400 °C



OLS-(S,H) are optical level switches used for limit detection in liquids, in the process industry. This is largely independent of physical properties, such as the refractive index, barva, density, dielectric constant and conductivity. Measurements are also carried out in small quantities.

The switches consist of an infrared LED and a phototransistor. LED light is udirected into the prism. As long as the sensor tip of the prism is in the gas phase, the light is reflected from the prism to the receiver. When the liquid in the container has risen and wetted about 2/3 glass tips, the infrared light beam in the liquid is interrupted and only a small part reaches the receiver. The electronics assess this difference and trigger the switchover.


Benefits of OLS-(S,H)

  • also available in EX version
  • together with the OSA-S switching amplifier, the sensor can be used for overflow control
  • very robust
  • designed for harsh working conditions
  • easy and economical wiring
  • for the 19″ plug-in version, all controls are accessible from the front
  • if it is built into an additional housing, you can see the switching states with the transparent cover
  • signal processing is performed by a separate model of the switching amplifier OSA-S


Areas of use, applications

  • chemical industry, petrochemical industry, natural gas industry, offshore industry
  • shipbuilding, engineering, refrigerators
  • Electricity generation equipment, power plants
  • processing technological and drinking water water
  • drop out water and environmental Engineering



Similar designations: OLS-S, OLS-H, OLS_S,H