OLS-C02 optical level switch (different switch lengths) WIKA


Šifra: OLS-C02

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Delivery time: approximately 3-4 weeks

  • accuracy: ± 2 mm
  • without moving parts
  • Switch length: 65 … 1,500 mm
  • choice of electrical connections: PUR, PVC cable, M12 circular connector or EN 175301 angle connector803 A



OLS-C02 is an optical level switch used for level monitoring fluids. The sensor consists of an infrared LED and a light receiver.

Light from LEDs is udirected into the prism, forming the tip of the sensor. As long as the tip is not immersed in liquid, the light in the prism is reflected to the receiver. When the liquid in the container rises and circles the tip, a liquid refracts a beam of light, so that the light no longer reaches the receiver or reaches it only weakly, so it reacts to this change by, to start the switchover process.

The advantage of the OLS-C02 is, to select the length of the switch. This allows optimum adaptation to the requirements of individual applications.


Areas of application, applications OLS-C02

  • hardware tools
  • Hydraulics
  • construction plants and mechanical engineering
  • Technology pumps
  • for liquids such as oils, water, distilled water, aqueous media



Similar Names: OLS C02, OLS_C02, OLSc02, OLS c02