MP102H ROTRONIC relative humidity and temperature transmitter


Šifra: MP102H

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Delivery time: depending on the project from 3 days to a few weeks

  • Power supply: 5 … 24 V DC
  • nominal current consumption: < 50 mA
  • output voltage: 0 … 1/5/10 V DC
  • operating range: -50 … 100 °C / 0 … 100% RH
  • accuracy at 10 … 30 °C: ± 0.8 % RH and 0.1 °C


The MP102H ROTRONIC Relative Humidity and Temperature Transmitter is a meteorological transmitter with analogue output and RS-485 interface.

Humidity and temperature are measured with the interchangeable HygroClip2 HCA2-S3 sensor.

For the MP102H meteo sensor, temperature measurement can be enhanced by an external Pt100 temperature sensor in different accuracy classes.


MP102H features

  • humidity and temperature measurement using interchangeable HC2 sensors
  • optional: directly connected Pt100 sensor
  • voltage output signal
  • freely flexible
  • good long-term stability
  • RS-485 interface
  • Connection with open-ended cable (3 … 99 m) or T7 connector
  • resistance to air pollution and moisture condensation




Included in the consignment

  • a short instruction manual


Scope of application MP102H

Weather stations, snow cannons, road, bridge and airport monitoring, snow and ice warning systems, wilderness research.

Similar models: MP402H



You are invited to take a look at the article ”Solutions for accurate measurements in meteorology”.


Other designations: MP 102H, MP-102H, MP 102_H, MP102H/402H


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