MH-3-HY OEM pressure transducer for WIKA mobile working machines


Šifra: TP-MH-3-HY

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  • High production capacity
  • Customisation and personalisation
  • Reliability and highest precision throughout the entire life cycle
  • Developed for extreme operating conditions in mobile working machines



The MH-3-HY OEM Pressure Transducer for WIKA mobile working machines is a device that detects pressure and converts it into an electrical signal, the amount depending on the pressure or fluid.

Durable and robust
Resistance to shock and vibration, pressure resistance (CDS system) and ingress protection up to IP69K make the MH-3 pressure sensor model particularly qualified for the harsh operating conditions of mobile hydraulics. Even extreme temperature shocks do not affect its performance.

The casing is made of highly resistant glass fibre reinforced plastic (PBT). This material is successfully used in the automotive industry.

The metal shielding inside the instrument provides excellent EMC properties in accordance with EN 61326 and thus ensures reliable operation even at high exposures up to 100 V/m.

The hermetically welded thin-film measuring cell ensures long-lasting tightness without the need for additional sealing materials. Especially in applications with highly dynamic load cycles, the thin-film load cell has long-term stability and cyclic load capacity. resilience.

State-of-the-art production
Our production concept is optimally designed for OEM production. Customisation of instruments is also possible.

Diagnostic function
As the latest generation measuring instrument, the MH-3 has a diagnostic function. Using the output signal, the software can detect and assess fault conditions. This allows a distinction to be made between permanent and temporary defects.

For use with hydrogen
The MH-3-HY is designed for use with hydrogen and is duly approved in accordance with EC79/2009.

To view additional options and more technical features, we recommend viewing the attached .pdf documents under the Documentation section.


Areas of application, applications MH-3-HY

  • load control
  • load moment limit
  • Hydraulic actuator control
  • Hydrogen pressure monitoring (model MH-3-HY)

ELPRO designation: TP-MH-3-HY