IBS3 shut-off and vent valve monobloc for WIKA sampling


Šifra: IBS3

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  • flexible arrangement with ball and needle valves
  • leak tested to BS6755/ISO 5208 leakage rate A
  • combination of valves and instruments on request (connection) on request
  • Increased safety with metal sealed valve seats and double valve body seals
  • quality machining ensures smooth operation with low torque and low wear



The WIKA IBS3 monobloc shut-off and vent valve for sampling is designed to meet the requirements of the process industry. It is particularly suitable foruse in natural gas and aggressive media.

The compact design includes two isolation valves separating the process from the instrument side. The modular monobloc design allows the use of ball valves and/or needle valves. The integrated probe is firmly attached to the valve and is designed according to the flow in the pipeline. The valve seat design and redundant valve body seals ensure high durability and tightness. In the event of a failure of the valve’s soft seat, the metal seat will ensure that the valve is still able to function and will place it in a safe position. Leak tightness is ensured for the connection between the process and the measuring instrument and the atmosphere.

The highly machined internal parts allow very smooth and precise operation, even at high pressures and after long periods without the valve being operated. Surface treatment with aggressive media also reduces corrosion and facilitates cleaning.



Scope, applications IBS3

  • sampling of process media for analysis systems (e.g. gas chromatographs, dew point analysers)
  • for gaseous and liquid, aggressive and highly viscous or contaminated media, also in aggressive environments
  • oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical, power plants and water/wastewater industries