FSD-4 electronic flow switch with WIKA display


Šifra: FSD-4

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  • fine-tuning to the situation on the ground
  • flexible adjustable switchable and analogue outputs for flow and temperature
  • wear-free flow control of liquid media usingthe calorimetric principle
  • easy setup parameters s 3 buttons or by if desired via link IO-Link 1. 1



FSD-4 electronic flow switch with display for liquid media. O full flexibility in monitoring and steering flow rates based on the velocity of the flowing media. The FSD-4 ‘s switching points can be easily configured in any way you like using the u 3-button control directly on the instrument or via IO-Link. FSD-4 You can Printed from Absolutely values v Various units and relative values flow and them retrieves at Digital Indicatorju.


Advantages of FSD-4

Exact match to on-site conditions

Flow depends on a number of factors, such as the diameter of the pipe, system or mediasettings. Therefore, the actual value of the flow rate relative to uconsumption differs from umeasured values With the function uThe FSD-4 can be set to zero point and the maximum flow rate at uat the central measuring point to optimally adapt it to the measurement conditions. Compression fitting on the flow switch allows additional flexibility. Depending on the diameter of the pipe , the immersion depth and alignment can be individually adjusted.

Flexible adjustable switchable outputs

Depending on the configuration, the FSD-4 has up to two switching points and an analogue output, which can be programmed in any way. As the switch determines the flow data according to the principle calorimetric measurement, the second switching output can also be enabled for the temperature value, while the former emits a switching signal with uconsumption of flow values. This allows the flow switch to be additionally is used for simple temperature-controlled processes.

Easy Access via link IO-Link versions 1. 1

Parameters are set with 3 buttons on the instrument or via IO-Link. When changing the instrument , the settings for u transfer the corresponding measuring point directly to the new flow switch. This eliminates the need for re-parameterisation at the measuring point and reduce the effort needed for integration. Additional functions can be called up via IO-Link, such as an hours counter or a maximum memory, and by uspend on monitoring.


Areas of use, applications

  • Control refrigeration lubrication systems
  • monitoring refrigeration circuits
  • Control filtering units
  • Protection against dry running v pumps