FOM 330 NFC, HACCP oil meter


Šifra: FOM 330 NFC

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Dobavni rok: approximately 3-4 weeks

  • 200 measurements
  • battery: rechargeable lithium-polymer 3.7 V
  • Bluetooth, USB-C
  • wireless charging
  • identifying measurement sites and users
  • knows the time and date
  • NFC tag reading


FOM 330 NFC oil meter for HACCP-compliant monitoring and documentation.

The meter has the same features as the FOM 330 BT Radio Food Oil Meter. It enables the reading of NFC tags, which identify the measurement sites and the users of the device. The device automatically aggregates all relevant data and reduces the risk of malfunctions: it recognises who has measured what, where and when, and it also knows the date and time.


Benefits of FOM 330 NFC:

  • NFC tag reading
  • identifying measurement sites and users
  • automatically aggregates all data
  • reduces the risk of breakdowns
  • knows the time and date



Suitable for catering, food industry, HACCP…