F9204 wire rope force sensor up to 40 t WIKA


Šifra: F9204

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  • Protective class IP66
  • material: alloyed steel
  • measuring ranges: from 01 t to 0 ...40 t
  • built-in amplifier, output 4 ... 20 mA, 2-wire
  • easy installation (no opening rope), suitable for retrofitting



F9204 wire rope force sensor up to 40 t is bil is specifically designed to measure the load on existing steel wire ropes. This force transducer is made of alloy steel.
Wire rope force sensor cost ueffectively monitors the forces on the cable. This requires a cable anchor point, as the measurement is made on a stationary rope. For this purpose, the converter is attached to the composite cable in a few steps.


Fields of application, applications F9204

Protection before overloading Cranes or devices for storage and harvesting, withashchita before overloading and measurement Voltages wire ropes.