F2822 WIKA tension/compression force sensor


Šifra: F2822

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  • measuring ranges 05 kN to 0500 kN
  • extremely compact design
  • easy installation, low installation height
  • Protection IP66



F2822 strain/compression force sensorfor testing materials up to 500 kN. ZIt is designed for static and dynamic measurements in direct flow forces. Determines tensile and compressive forces in many applications.

Due to their robustness and low height , the F2822 force transducers uare used in harsh industrial environments and in laboratories and test fields. They have an internally threaded hole in the centre for the uthe exercise of force.

To avoid overloading, the force transducer must be electrically connected and the measured value monitored during installation. Strength, to be measured, must be concentric and b transverse forcecut. Force sensors shall bgo to installed at level surface.


Fields of application, applications F2822

Load monitoring in industrial plants, material testingmachines ,production lines,instrumentation, trial and Control equipment, production Special equipment and machinery.