EBI 20-TF-Set data logger (higher temperatures) with EBRO software


Šifra: EBI 20-TF_Set

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  • external temperature sensor fi 3 mm, l = 55 mm
  • silicone cable, l = 800 mm
  • measuring range: 0 … +100 °C
  • Accuracy: ±0.5 … ±1.0 °C
  • Memory: 8,000 points
  • compliant with EN 12830
  • factory certificate enclosed

Set contains: logger, program, interface


The EBI 20-TF-Set data logger or memory unit with external sensor for higher temperatures, together with the software, is suitable for continuous temperature measurements in media or rooms.


The set contains


More about the EBI 20-TF-SET logger

The EBI 20-TF data logger for higher temperatures is a meter with display and automated recording of values in the unit’s internal memory. Replaces the thermometer and manual recording of values. The interval of the records or stored values is user-configurable. The values are read using software that allows the data to be set and stored.



  • easy connectivity to your computer allows you to output data in tabular (Excel) or graphical format
  • the ability to create PDF CFR Part 11 file formats
  • compliant with EN 12830 and thus suitable for use in HACCP systems
  • Setting up your logger is quick and easy, and we offer full technical support
  • Winlog.basic is freely downloadable from the web
  • LED signal (red light) in case of exceeded limits
  • display of the word ALARM in case of exceeded limits
  • battery replaceable by the user


Application examples EBI 20-TF-Set

Temperature monitoring during process operations (e.g. thermal treatment of foodstuffs), temperature monitoring in media (e.g. water, masses, foodstuffs, bulk materials, etc.), in HACCP systems, etc.


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Similar designations: EBI-20, EBI20, EBI_20, EBI.20

1601-0010A, 1601-0011A