Easidew PRO XP anti-explosion moisture converter Michell


Šifra: Easidew PRO XP

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Delivery time: approximately 3-4 weeks

  • Output: dew point or moisture content
  • measuring range: -110 … +20 °Cdp; -100 … +20 °C dew point (0 to 1000 ppmWcapability : factory configuration – on user request)
  • Accuracy: ±1 °Cdp (+20 … -60 °C); ±2 °C dew point (-60 to -110 °C)
  • response time: 5 min to T95 (dry to wet)
  • repeatability: 0.5 °C dew point
  • traceable 13-point calibration certificate
  • Pressure: 450 bar
  • globally recognised EX certification (explosion protection/fireproofing)




Easidew PRO XP Michell Anti-Explosion Moisture Transducer for reliable dew point analysis of gases and liquids.

The Easidew PRO XP Michell Anti-Explosion Moisture Transmitter is a dew point transmitter for measuring trace moisture in gases or liquids present in hazardous areas. ATEX, CQPSUS, IECEx and GOST certified for use in any North American, European or Asian area.

The transmitter has a wide dew point measurement range from -110 to +20 °Cdp with industry standard procedures and electrical connections. The latter ensures low installation costs. The Easidew PRO XP – Anti-Explosion Moisture Transmitter incorporates Michell’s latest ceramic metal-oxide moisture sensor, providing stable and reliable measurements for all new and replacement moisture applications. The unit can also be supplied with a built-in 4-digit LED display showing the configured humidity output signal.


Features of Easidew PRO XP

  • EN 10204 3.1 certified material
  • traceable 13-point calibration certificate
  • low operating costs and easy maintenance with sensor
  • built-in display
  • Output signal: 4-20 mA (2-wire connection)
  • Power supply: 14 to 28 V DC
  • operating temperature: -40 … +60 °C
  • Working pressure: 45 MPa max
  • possible connection to wall, pipe or duct


Areas of use, applications

  • moisture measurements in natural gas processing and transmission
  • investment in raw materials for polymer production
  • biomethane gas production
  • hydrogen coolants
  • LNG and LPG production
  • Inert and bulk gases
  • CNG production
  • hydrocarbon processing
  • heat treatment furnaces
  • catalytic converter protection