DCL-33A-R/M,DI-T7887 limiter-digital regulator 100-240 V AC SHINKO


Šifra: DCL-33A-R/M,DI-T7887

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  • Input: K, J, R, B, S, E, T, N, Pt100
  • output: switching relay contact NC/NO 250 V AC 3A
  • Accuracy: ±0.2 % of the measuring range
  • control type: limit temperature controller
  • Power supply: 100-240 V AC
  • dimensions: 22.5 x 75 mm, depth 100 mm
  • mounting: on DIN rail
  • RESET key, possibility to connect external RESET
  • RESET can be automatic or manual


DCL-33A-R/M, DI-T7887 limiter-digital controller 100-240 V AC SHINKO with universal input is suitable for connection of all types of temperature resistance sensors and thermocouples with current signal 4 … 20 mA and voltage signal 0 … 10 V. It is easy to install in existing or new measuring and control systems (DIN rail) .

Its small dimensions make it suitable for larger systems. Setting the control and other configuration settings is easy.

The Shinko regulator is suitable for both industrial and general process applications.

It is characterised by its long life, reliability and accuracy of operation.


Main features

  • limiting the upper or lower value
  • manual or automatic RESET
  • possibility to connect an external RESET key
  • input: multi input (K, J, R, B, S, E, T, N, Pt100 )
  • output: switched relay contact NC/NO 250 V AC/3 A
  • Accuracy: ±0.2 % of the measuring range
  • regulation type: limit regulator
  • Power supply: 100-240 V AC
  • dimensions: 22.5 x 75 mm, depth 100 mm
  • for mounting on a mounting rail
  • DI – upgraded output for external RESET


Advantages of DCL-33A-R/M, DI-T7887

  • RTD or standard thermocouples can be connected
  • relay output
  • Power supply 100-240 V AC
  • RESET key (automatic or manual) and the possibility of connecting an external RESET key


The multi-input function allows for process diversity. There are 18 types of inputs with thermocouples (10 types), RTD (2 types), DC (2 types) and DC voltage (4 types).

The limiter has the possibility of a very short and precise sampling time at the input (0.125 seconds), making this controller suitable for the control of very demanding processes.

Serial communication (RS-485)

DCL-33A-R/M offers the possibility of serial communication with Shinko and Modbus protocol (Modbus ASCII, Modbus RTU).

The instrument number and communication protocol can be selected using the keypad.


A limiter-digital controller is used for safety limiting:

  • limiting the operating temperature, pressure, humidity or any other analogue value

Examples of use

Protecting drying and heating appliances from overheating:

  • Baking ovens
  • heat treatment furnaces
  • melting furnaces

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Other designations: DCL33A-RM/ DIT7887, DCL 33A-RM/ DI T7887, DCL-33ARM-DI-T7887, DCL 33A R M DI T 7887, DCL-33A-RM-DI-T7887