D-21-9 pressure transducer with DIP switch WIKA


Šifra: TP-D-21-9

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  • DS-404 device profile
  • version with DIP switch
  • integrated CANopen interface on DS-301
  • measuring ranges: 0 … 250 mbar to 0 … 1000 bar



The D-21-9 pressure transducer with WIKA DIP switch is a device that detects pressure and converts it into an electrical signal, where the quantity depends on the pressure or fluid.

The D-20-9 and D-21-9 pressure sensors are ideal solutions in the field of industrial pressure measurement when a high performance, yet cost-effective CANopen solution is required. These pressure sensors are highly accurate and flexible, adapting to a wide variety of measurement tasks.

All wetted parts are made of stainless steel and hermetically welded. Therefore, there is no need for additional sealing material that could react with the pressure medium.

The integrated interface has been designed in accordance with the CANopen® DS-301 specification of the CiA user organisation. The DS-404 device profile used here was specially designed by CiA for use in instrumentation and control applications. This ensures compatibility with other CANopen® systems according to the CiA specification.

Optional accessories may include galvanic isolation of the output signal.

The D-2X-9 supports LSS, Node Guarding, Heartbeat, synchronous and asynchronous data transmission, among others.

The baud rate can be adjusted from 20 K to 1 M baud. Configuration via DIP switch is available as an option.

The EasyCom CANopen® tool is available for easy configuration.

To view additional options and more technical features, we recommend viewing the attached .pdf documents under the Documentation section.

Application of D-21-9

  • automation
  • industrial applications
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics

ELPRO designation: TP-D-21-9