CPD8500 digital load cell from WIKA


Šifra: CPD8500

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  • Warranty: 2 years
  • accuracy to 35 ppm reading
  • downloading masses none not necessary
  • measuring range: up to 500bar
  • absolutely and gauge measurement pressure
  • intuitiveuser interface with touchscreen




The CPD8500 digital load cell from WIKA is an instrument that combines the performance of a manual pressure equaliser with theefficiency andusability of a compact digital primary standard. The instrument offers a wide pressure range with different measuring heads from 1 … 500 bar and 1 … 20 bar abs.

The CPD8500 digital load cell is equipped with an internal environmental monitoring module, a head temperature sensor and a precision vacuum transducer for automatic detection of sensitive parameters. An optional internal or externalbarometric reference provides versatility whenusing gauge or absolute pressure.

Intuitive user interface
The Digital Load Meter is easy to use, with a touchscreen and intuitive user interface. The software offers the possibility to store data from up to eight measuring heads for greater efficiency. The CPD8500 software offers the possibility to make up to 11 point adjustments in the instrument on the different sensors installed inside. In addition, the instrument can also be remotely controlled using the Mensor ether standard or the CPD8000 command set. For communication with other instruments, there is an IEEE-488.2 interface, RS-232, USB and Ethernet, so the CPD8500 can be integrated into existing systems.


To view additional options and more technical features, we recommend viewing the attached pdfs. documents under the Documentation section.


Fields of application, applications CPD8500

  • calibration laboratories
  • producers Precision sensors pressure
  • avionics/aerospace equipmentmanufacturers
  • companies for calibration Services and service industry

Accuracy of up to 35 ppm makes the CPD8500 comparable to the primary reference standard, making it an ideal tool for calibrating transmission standards. In absolute mode, the digital gauge offers continuous measurement, unlike a conventional piston, where the vacuum is broken by the load masses. This makes the instrument a simple and fast solution for top-quality calibrations. An internal automatic lubrication system drives higher and lower pressure ranges without the need for additional pressure supply, limiting contamination and improving the performance of the piston cylinder system.

Ease of use
The CPD8500 uses proven piston technology with a high precision load cell for accurate calibration without the need to load external mass assemblies. The displayed pressure value is internally compensated for changes in ambient conditions, local weight and piston temperature. This eliminates the need for manual or external complex calculations. The CPD8500 base has built-in levelling feet for easy levelling. The feet are cushioned to reduce vibration effects. The instrument also supports full compatibility with the CPD8000 predecessor’s absolute and specific value measuring heads.