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  • cloud storage for measurement data
  • easy user experience and management, categorisation of users according to the results output
  • Alarms: email notification if set values are exceeded
  • display of measured values in graph or table form



COMET Cloud is Internet-based data storage, for recording measured values from selected COMET instruments. The data is available, when the user connects to the internet, and are displayed in a web browser as a table or graph.

You can notify users by email of all alarm conditions reported by the device.



User Permissions

Eachuser has access only to his or her account. Each account is password-protected.

If youmanage a large number of devices, you can group them clearly .

It is possible to assign newusers who have control over the group the devices you have identified in the group. The scope of rights to display andmanage data can be defined in pto individualusers.


Subscription option

COMET Cloud is a paid service. With every COMET device purchased, you can renew your free initial period (1 year) of COMET Cloud. After the time has elapsed, you can buy recharge credits for 1 year, 2 years or more of the device’s lifetime.

The renewal of the subscription for each device is done with a credit from the wallet integrated in the COMET Cloud. You can increase the balance in your COMET Cloud wallet by buying top-up credits as needed. COMET Cloud will notify you in time by email if your device subscription is about to expire and inform you of the total number of credits you need to renew your device.

You can purchase credit points for the annual operation of COMET Cloud devices.


Instruments and devices with COMET Cloud support

  • Wireless IoT sensors powered by Sigfox, Wx8xx series: 2 credits
  • Wireless IoT data loggers with built-in GSM modem, UxxxxxxM series and WiFi sensors: 1 credit point
  • WiFi sensors: 1 credit point
  • online sensors with Ethernet communication: 1 credit point


Main features

  • see measured values v form table or graph
  • comparing the measured values of several sensors over a given time interval
  • storing GPS coordinates for your device’s position and displaying all devices on the map
  • user-friendly display of measured values, which can also be implemented as graphical elements of the corporate identity or other
  • User name can be set for each device
  • the ability to enter notes for each connected device
  • clear distribution of a large number of devices, grouping and sub-grouping
  • remote management-configurationoptionfor certain device models
  • Send to alerts email email at is exceeded set limits
  • the possibility to set an alarm to be notified by e-mail with a predefined text
  • Lowbatteryemail notification
  • E-mail notification o loss of radio loss of radio signal
  • email notification in case of measurement error
  • email notification of the imminent expiry of your subscription
  • Option selection recipients email regarding to type error
  • the possibility to categorise recipients by priority, according to at rate exceedance Controlled limit measured quantity
  • manage access rights for individual cloudusers


For help with settings, see:

  • how to create an account:


  • how to add a device to the cloud:


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Other names: comet-cloud, CometCloud, Comet_cloud


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