BV ball valve for WIKA pressure gauges


Šifra: BV

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Delivery time: approximately 3-4 weeks

  • safety factor 4:1 for parts under pressure
  • quality machining ensures smooth operation with low torque and low wear
  • valve seat tested for leak tightness (BS6755/ISO 5208 level A)
  • wide choice of materials and configurations available
  • various combinations of valves and instruments available to order



The BV ball valve for pressure gauges has a simple and robust design. The 4:1 safety factor allows a wide range of applications, from simple compressed air distribution to demanding applications within the oil and gas industry. The process version of the ball valve meets the requirements of the process industry, especially in natural gas and aggressive media applications.

Ball valves are recommended for applications with gaseous and liquid media due to their easy cleaning directly through the internal bore. The valve design and high-quality sealing materials ensure high durability and tightness. The BV can be installed directly on the pipeline or control panel (depending on installation conditions), or as a connector for several measuring instruments in the same place. The distinctive machining of the internal parts allows very smooth and precise operation, even at high pressures and after long periods without valve operation. The surface treatment reduces corrosion in applications with aggressive media and facilitates cleaning.


Areas of application, BV applications

  • the first isolation valve for the pressure connection to the metering device, media distribution, drain and vent piping
  • for gaseous, liquid, aggressive and highly viscous media or media in aggressive environments
  • oil, gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, power plants
  • direct connection of pressure gauges to pipelines and pressure vessels