AC5005 flange for mounting the ROTRONIC relative humidity sensor


Šifra: AC5005

V zalogi.

  • suitable for sensors fi 15 mm



The AC5005 is a mounting flange from Rotronic for connecting relative humidity and temperature sensors.

Most commonly used with HF1 and XD industrial sensors.


HF1 HygroFlex1 series of relative humidity and temperature transmitters ROTRONIC is a low-cost series of HVAC transmitters for relative humidity and temperature. The devices are equipped with proven Hygromer® IN-1 sensors. For its price range, the transducer is of exceptional quality. Optional Rotronic software
which is replaced by the new updated version HW5, allows you to change the output scaling, calibrate the transducers and adjust the humidity sensor.


The HF1 series includes the HF120, HF132 and HF135.


Features of the AC5005

  • suitable for sensors fi 15 mm
  • Scope of application: < 100 °C


For more accessories for Rotronic relative humidity sensors, please see the ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES – Rotronic connecting, mounting accessories page.


Other designations: AC 5005, AC-5005, AC_5005