AC 4006, Interface set


Šifra: AC 4006

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Set AC 4006 contains

The SI 1100 set contains

  • EBI IF 100 interface
  • USB connection
  • coloured LEDs



The set is a package of interfaces (programming and reading of EBI data loggers) that provides 21 CFR programming plans and the possibility to read them from memory units. It also offers various analysis and measurement options. PU or F values can be defined with a few clicks in the software

The data can also be viewed as a report.

To operate correctly, please:

  • Processing speed: at least 1.6 GHz
  • memory: at least 1 GB
  • USB: at least 1 GB
  • Operating system:Microsoft™ Windows 10, 32 bit and 64 bit

Set AC 4006 contains

The SI 1100 is a software set for EBI-12 and EBI-11 loggers.

  • EBI IF100 interface (read 1x EBI-11 logger, 1x EBI-12 logger, can be read simultaneously)
  • USB connection
  • coloured LEDs
  • Antenna (wireless data reading)


food technology, areas where pasteurisation is required, monitoring of the food preservation process



Other designations: AC-4006, AC4006, AC_4006