981.22 “In-Line” pressure interface with WIKA hygienic connection


Šifra: 981.22

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Delivery time: approximately 3-4 weeks

  • pressure range: 0 bar … 0.6 bar to 0 bar … 40 bar
  • TRI-CLAMP® clamp connector
  • fully circular membrane (European patent No 0609846) to prevent dead spaces
  • fast cleaning of the measuring point, without residues
  • self-draining in all installation positions
  • suitable for SIP (sterilisation in place) and CIP (cleaning in place)
  • EHEDG certification and 3-A hygiene standard



981.22 “In-Line” pressure interface with hygienic connection (diaphragm separator) protects pressure measuring instruments in applications with challenging media. The pressure interface affects the separation of instrument and medium.

By combining measuring instruments and pressure interfaces, even the most difficult measurement requirements can be met. The pressure is transmitted to the measuring instrument via a filling fluid system within the pressure interface system. A wide range of designs, materials and system fillers are available to meet customer requirements. The type of process connection (threaded, flanged or hygienic) and the basic manufacturing method are important criteria for product differentiation.

981.22 can be attached directly to the pipeline due to its circular design, which means that no additional connection to measuring points is required. By integrating into the process line, turbulence, dead spaces, corners and other obstacles can be avoided. The pressure interface uses a fully circular diaphragm that automatically cleans the chamber for unrestricted media flow. Pressure interface systems are resistant to the cleaning vapour temperatures encountered in SIP (sterilisation-in-place) processes, thus ensuring a hygienic connection between the pressure interface and the medium. The pressure interface can be attached to the measuring instrument by direct connection, or at high temperatures via a cooling element or flexible hose.

WIKA offers different solutions in the choice of material, with the top and the membrane made of the same materials. Stainless steel is the standard material, other special materials are available on request.

Also available in 981.52 and 981.53, which differ in dimensions from 981.22. These can be found on the datasheet.


Fields of application, applications 981.22

  • for direct, quick-removable installation in pipelines
  • for liquid, clean media
  • for gases, compressed air, vapours; for liquid, crystallising or particulate media
  • pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology industry, production of active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • aseptic production
  • pressure/vacuum monitoring
  • ultra-clean steam systems
  • sanitary applications



All 981.22 functions can be controlled with the Diaphragm Seal Calculation Software.


Pressure interfaces are used in conjunction with pressure gauges. Read more about pressure interfaces here.