910.22 “In-Line” filter for WIKA pressure gauge


Šifra: 910.22

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Delivery time: approximately 3-4 weeks

  • Pressure range: max. 1600 bar (depending on material)
  • temperature range: -25 °C … +200 °C
  • Porosity: 30 % … 50 %
  • filtration rate: 200 μm
  • external and internal threads according to EN 837-1 or external thread NPT



910.22 The “In-Line” manometer filter filters solids from gaseous and liquid media (particle retention). Attachment to pressure gauges in hydraulic and pneumatic systems sensitive to dirt.

The 910.22 avoids the accumulation of particles inside the gauge, which is sensitive to dirt, and therefore the consequences of such accumulation. It also avoids clogging of small pressure vents and capillary orifices.