101.12 pressure gauge with plastic capillary WIKA


Šifra: MAN-101.12

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  • Scale range: 0… 4 bar or 0… 6 bar
  • no bending or twisting of the capillaries is necessary
  • Process connection: G ¼ B or plug connection
  • suitability confirmed by long-term tests under typical conditions of use



101.12 WIKA plastic capillary pressure gauge is used for pressure measurement of gaseous and liquid media.

Models 101.00, 101.12 are mechanical manometers with plastic capillary. These instruments are based on the proven Bourdon measurement system. The plastic housing is available in nominal sizes 27 mm and 40 mm.

Features of the plastic capillary
Due to the length and flexibility of the capillary, the position of the indicator can be independent of the measuring point. The use of a special plastic ensures that the capillary’s long-lasting resistance is maintained even at high temperatures. The advantage of plastic capillaries compared to copper capillaries is that they do not need to be bent or coiled. Thus, the plastic capillary greatly facilitates installation and eliminates the risk of any fatigue fracture.

Scope of application in heating technology
These instruments are particularly suitable for use in the heating industry. The instrument’s suitability has been confirmed by long-term tests under typical conditions of use.

Variations for individual parties
Based on many years of experience in production and development, WIKA is also happy to offer solutions for our customers. The standard G ¼ B process connection can also be supplemented with a plastic sealing ring on the thread on request. This eliminates time-consuming and error-prone sealing during installation. For customer-specific process connection designs, WIKA also offers the development of plastic plug connectors to meet the requirements.


Features 101.12

  • Design: EN 837-1
  • Nominal size in mm: 27
  • accuracy class: 4.0
  • the scale range:
    • 0 … 4 bar
    • 0 … 6 bar
  • pressure limitation:
    • Uniform: 3/4 x the value of the full scale
    • Niha: 2/3 x the value of the full scale
    • Short time: full value
  • permissible temperature
    • Ambient: – 20 °C … +60 °C
    • Medium: maximum +60 °C
  • Temperature effect: when the temperature of the measuring system deviates from the reference temperature (+20 °C): max. ± 0.4 % / 10 K range
  • process link:
    • via capillaries, plastic (PE-LLD)
    • G ¼ B threaded connector (brass, plastic and copper);
    • optionally with PTFE gasket on the thread
    • Capillary length 300 … 2,000 mm
    • Plug connector (plastic), various versions
    • Capillary length 260 … 2,000 mm
  • pressure element:
    • Copper alloy
    • Type C
  • movement: copper alloy
  • dial:
    • plastic, white,
    • with stop pin, black letters
  • pointer: plastic, black
  • housing: plastic
  • Window: plastic, crystal clear, integrated in the housing

To view additional options and more technical features, we recommend viewing the attached pdfs. documents under the Documentation section.


Areas of use, applications

  • for heating equipment and appliances


ELPRO designation: MAN-101.12