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IPAQ C330 Universal Temperature Converter

IPAQ C330 state-of-the-art universal temperature transmitter meets the highest standards of flexibility, accuracy and reliability; compatible with RTD sensors, thermocouples, voltage sensors for a wide range of applications

Universal temperature transmitter IPAQ C330 is a state-of-the-art transmitter developed by our long-standing partner INOR. Its use achieves the highest standards of flexibility, accuracy and reliability. The universal transducer is compatible with RTD sensors, thermocouples, voltage and potentiometer sensors and offers high flexibility, which also reduces the number of installed product variants. IPAQ is available with ATEX, IECEx and cFMus certification, making it a safe choice for a wide range of applications.

The IPAQ 330 has now been on the market for 4 years and has been very successful. With a number of products installed in different types of processes over time, we can proudly say that it is proven in use and incredibly reliable.

The IPAQ C330 Universal Temperature Transmitter supports wireless communication via NFC® and Bluetooth®, allowing configuration and monitoring of the transmitter via smartphone or tablet.

High reliability and accuracy of the IPAQ C330 over time

The universal converter design is highly reliable and robust. For this reason, external factors such as ambient temperature, vibrations up to 10 g, humidity and EMC disturbances have minimal influence on the measurement results.

A minimum deviation of ±0,1 °C or ±0,1 % of the range over 5 years reduces the calibration or calibration requirements.

Image: high reliability and accuracy over time

Smart features to make your daily work easier

Equipped with the most advanced technology, this converter gives you better control over your operations. Smart features such as password protection, simulated output, data logging, runtime counter and customised linearity make your daily work easier.

to convert RTD and TC signal to analogue output

Wireless configuration and control – IPAQ C330 universal temperature transmitter

Configure your temperature transmitter wirelessly via NFC® with the new app INOR Connect . Fast communication between the inverter and the smartphone allows you to “copy-paste” configurations to any number of inverters and takes only a few seconds.

Optionally also available ICON-BT modem , which allows you to configure and control your IPAQ C330 also via Bluetooth. Thanks to the extended range offered by Bluetooth, you can control the converter remotely.

Image credit: INOR Communication

High flexibility

The IPAQ 330 is optimised for cost-effectiveness throughout its entire lifecycle, from storage and Configurations to installation and commissioning. The universal input allows for easy-on-demand configuration and sensor selection, reducing the number of product variants in stock.

flexibility, accuracy andm for

ATEX, IECEx and FM approvals

The IPAQ 330 is supplied with ATEX, IECEx and FM certification, which places it in a wide range of applications where explosion protection is required.

Image:IPAQ 330 certificates

ELPRO Lepenik & Co. solutions

At ELPRO Lepenik & Co. you can get the IPAQ C330 universal converter in the basic version with all the configurations listed and in the EX version or for hazardous environments the IPAQ C330X.

ELPRO Lepenik in cooperation with INOR are experts in measurement systems, flexible measurements and documentation systems (IQ-OQ protocols…) for routine control and validation of various thermal processes.

At the ELPRO Calibration Laboratory, we calibrate your measuring equipment in accordance with our capabilities or in accordance with SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Author Katarina Žunko
April 2021

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