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Improved CMC at ELPRO Calibration Laboratory

ELPRO Calibration Laboratory!

Po 17025 with improved measurement capability
at a temperature of 0.04 °C and a relative humidity of 2 %.

With the accreditation audit at the end of 2021, we have reconfirmed the competence of our laboratory and added two more radical
improving the best measurement capability of the laboratory.

0.04 °C in the temperature range of indicating thermometers between -30 and 250 °C; and

2% in the relative humidity area

We have applied for these improvements to improve our best measurement capability (CMC) as well as our competences and market requirements.
according to trustworthy measurements.

At ELPRO Calibration Laboratory we strive to provide our customers (users) with a calibration service and assistance for

efficient, economical and trustworthy measurements.

We do this through a system of continuous improvement, daily contacts on the ground, monitoring market needs,

monitoring legislation and science, and in particular through training on calibrations and on confidence in calibrations.


It gives the laboratory the authority to authorise expert persons to give opinions and interpretations.

So that users receive – correctly receive – professional and relevant information to which they can refer

you can rely on and trust.

‘In the labs, we are people working for people!

– Aleksandra Lepenik (ArticleTrust in measurement)

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  • Head of Quality: Aleksandra Lepenik
  • Technical Director: Zoran Lepenik

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