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Moisture and temperature measurements are crucial in the food industry and food production

In order to develop the desired flavour, the cheese must be kept for several months at the appropriate temperature and relative humidity. Due to the high humidity required to ensure optimal air conditions, not every sensor is suitable for controlling ambient parameters. As the cheese factory must have high humidity and partial exposure to chemicals, it is important to calibrate the sensors regularly, including on site(ON SITE). The only way to ensure that the cheese ripening process and the associated quality of the product are flawless is to continuously measure the relative humidity and temperature during cheese production.

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Picture: cheese ripening process

Temperature sensors are normally calibrated at 23 °C with a relative humidity of 10,35-80 % RH. This means that the sensor is most accurate at ±0.1 °C temperature and ±0.8% relative humidity. The further the temperature is from 23 °C, the greater the deviation can be.

Some cheeses emit ammonia during ripening. This can cause larger drifts in most humidity sensors.

For this reason, sensors need to be calibrated on a regular basis, which is made possible by our ELPRO Calibration Laboratory, where we calibrate your measuring equipment in accordance with the SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard.

ELPRO Adhesive offers you a range of high quality products for this application temperature sensors . We guarantee 24 h support, 100% output control, long product life and repeatability.


Environmental conditions in the food industry and food production are demanding. The quality of the cheese is therefore very dependent on the temperature and humidity values, which must be within precise parameters. If not, there is more waste. It is the climatic conditions of the dairy that rank producers in terms of quality and, consequently, in terms of higher yields.

The ripening of young cheese is the most important process in the ripening of cheese. It lasts for several days or weeks. The period is longer for sliced and hard cheeses, which can last from several months to several years. A good relative humidity and temperature gauge is essential to ensure the desired ripening of the cheese and the associated quality of the product .

Typically, the temperature in this process is between 7-15 °C and the humidity between 75-95 % RH. Even if the product had been stored in a humid cellar for the whole period, this would not have been sufficient. Constant control of humidity and room temperature is so important for the best ripening results.

ELPRO Lepenik , in cooperation with our partners, offers you the highest quality solutions for monitoring ambient conditions for effective results in the ripening process of the cheese: RMS-LOG data logger Rotronic , HF5 series of relative humidity and temperature transmitters Rotronic and DT722 relative humidity and temperature transmitter Michell .

Image:RMS-LOG, HF5, DT722

As relative humidity and temperature monitoring is crucial in the food industry and HVAC applications, we offer relative humidity and temperature meters and other equipment from our partners here.

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At ELPRO Lepenik we are temperature and humidity experts for routine control and validation of various thermal processes.

Author Katarina Žunko
May 2021

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