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Genius surveying with GeoGenie

Our partner HandHeld makes it easier for everyone who designs, supervises, records and plans in the field - this time we are introducing a unique app that, together with a durable and functional Android tablet, is an indispensable tool for every surveyor.


Although we know of many circumstances that require the presence of a surveyor, there are not enough professional surveyors to meet all the needs of the market. In doing so, they face challenges that prevent them from providing effective surveying services. GeoGenie’s ingenious geodesy successfully solves these challenges.

Effective data collection in the field requires a large number of operators, including construction contractors, utilities, civil engineers, large area treaters, public space planners and contractors, property managers and excavators. The latter represents high labour costs and complicates the procedures for coordinating surveying services.

To optimise these paths and processes, and thus simplify the surveying workflow, here we present the GeoGenie platform and the robust Algiz RT8 tablet, which help both professional and non-professional surveyors to get the job done.


GeoGenie is a collaborative, professional cloud-based platform for mapping and surveying services. Together with the extremely robust Handheld Algiz RT8 field tablet, it is an indispensable solution for all kinds of challenges in the field.

Benefits of GeoGenie

It is a state-of-the-art application generator with the ability to quickly adapt and create organisational, geocentric information systems.

This unique application features an advanced, professional surveying and GIS platform. It includes customised procedural workflows, management of user hierarchies, integration with other organisational information systems and much more.

GeoGenie software can be connected to professional surveying equipment such as GPS and total stations. It can integrate all your data into a central cloud database, without the need for pre-installed data collection hardware.

GeoGenie’s customisation capability allows for a personalised information system.


Quickly customise and create geocentric information to suit any user’s needs, using automated drawings, technical sheets, simple (graphical and analytical) keying, area, volume, slope and other measurements.

Ease of use with a rugged Android tablet Algiz RT8 is perfectly matched by GeoGenie’s management workflow, direct data entry and connectivity to any GPS device. The applicability is very broad, as there is no need for technical background, surveying knowledge, ArcGISTM or AutoCAD.


Enthusiasm from users – civil engineers and contractors

Eliran Ifrah, owner of the Israeli company Dor Hasolelim (agri-culture), says GeoGenie is the perfect solution. As well as saving time, they also save money on producing customised reports and invoices, and the ability to self-translate is a big plus.

The GeoGenie Ltd. team reports, “Due to its fast data processing capability and robustness, we found the Handheld Algiz RT8 to be the best device for the GeoGenie platform, after having tested Panasonic, Dell and a few other well-known manufacturers.”

Figure: Example of using the RT8 in the field

Author Katarina Žunko; source HandHeld: Genius surveying made easy with GeoGenie. 2022.
December 2022

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