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ELPRO LEPENIK – Commitment to sustainability

ELPRO LEPENIK is a company that pursues the Sustainable Development Goals in the 21st century. Green Economy Day 2022

ELPRO LEPENIK environmentally, sustainably and socially responsible

This year, we took part in the 21st Environmental Business Day, which focused on the environment, nature, the green transition, the circular economy, climate neutrality and sustainable development.

As part of the above, we have, through our participation in the project “Methodology for monitoring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions” were recognised and selected as a company that manages its resources responsibly, pursues the principles of a circular economy, green policy and social responsibility, and were thus awarded the A certificate confirming the integrity of the results, traceability and transparency for the inventory of energy and greenhouse gases at the level of the organisation, available at link .

This brings us one step closer to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and our Green Policy.

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Pictures. Economy Environment Day 2022


Through our actions, activities, efforts and impacts, we actively pursue the goals of a circular economy, green policy, low carbon footprint and social responsibility.

This is our contribution to the environment, the local community and society!


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