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ELPRO LEPENIK recipients of the Platinum AAA Award of Excellence

ELPRO LEPENIK & Co. has earned a Platinum AAA Excellence rating on the occasion of our 30th anniversary this year, after three years of Gold AAA Excellence rating AAA Platinum rating of excellence which can be viewed at the link.

It proves that our way of doing business and our example enriches the Slovenian business environment, as we are among the 1.5% of the most successful, honest and reliable companies in Slovenia (according to a 2019 survey).

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A little about the AAA Platinum rating of excellence …

Platinum Rating Excellence represents an above-average rating among companies that have achieved AAA Gold Rating Excellence for three consecutive years. It is based on the company’s financial statements and other dynamic indicators, which predict an above-average safe and successful business performance over the next 12 months.

Platinum-rated companies perform exceptionally well and meet strict criteria to achieve a low probability of adverse events over the next twelve months.

Platinum rated entities have a 91% probability of maintaining their rating excellence in the following year.

This elite and highest group of excellence includes companies that uphold good business practices, deliver outstanding business results and ensure the satisfaction of everyone involved in the work process. The aim of this corporate award is not only to promote well-functioning companies and good business practices, but also to achieve financial integrity.

Companies that have the right to achieve the Platinum rating set an example for those that have not yet achieved it. Exceptional payment discipline is important for the health of any business, so it is crucial to maintain a tradition of AAA standards to maintain good financial health.

Bisnode certification is recognised and recognised in Europe.

Author Katarina Žunko
July 2021

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