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ELPRO LEPENIK is looking for a new employee!

We're looking for a new colleague, maybe that's YOU!

… If it means a lot to you

a safe, healthy, positive and learning work environment, in a green society, with people who belong to

colleagues and reputation, while striving to: achieve your objectives with professionalism, focus on

internal culture and strengthening of social responsibility, continuous improvement and innovation; and

you want to keep up with the times and technology

… then we are the RIGHT CHOICE FOR YOU and YOU are the RIGHT CHOICE FOR US!

ELPRO Lepenik & Co. d.o.o. with 30 years of tradition, development, sustainable orientation and a strong focus on well-being, fostering quality relationships, team spirit and effective communication, is SEEKING A NEW EMPLOYEE.

ZATE who want something more, have the desire to progress and enjoy technical

targeted work, we are opening VACANCY – PRODUCTION TECHNICIAN .

We are a small employer with a strong focus on our employees and their development. We are driven by the desire to pass on our expertise to younger generations. At the same time, we create the conditions for the successful work and development of our older employees. Here you can’t hide behind a ficus, but you can be creative, self-initiated and successful in the work you love to do.

For more information on recruitment, see.

Image credit: ELPRO LEPENIK team

Author Katarina Žunko
May 2022

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