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Electrodes and instruments for conductive liquid and level measurements

ELPRO Lepenik & Co. highlights from its product range the solutions of our partner JOLA, which offers a wide range of electrodes and other instruments for conductive liquid measurement or for the detection and signalling of leaks in electrically conductive liquids and for reliable and accurate level measurements in various liquid substances.

Conductive liquid measurement is used to detect electrically conductive liquids, which can be seen in the following list.

The electrodes are not suitable for the detection of electrically non-conductive liquids (e.g. oil, diesel, fuel oil, demineralised water, etc.).

EL/0/SB-1/G1/2/ED/ED/0/Ex-1G is used for automatic control of the fluid in a pump or solenoid valve. The electrodes monitor the level of the liquids, sending a signal to an electronic relay when they come into contact with the liquid.
Figure: level indicator bar for Ex versions

Electrically conductive liquids are usually aqueous solutions of salts, acids or alkalis. In water, the molecules of these substances separate into positive and negative ions, which give the aqueous solution its electrical conductivity. Ex electrode controllers consist of a combination of conductive Ex electrode , the mandatory Ex junction box and the conductive relay Ex electrode . This combination detects the presence of an electrically conductive fluid on the Ex electrodes, triggering an alarm signal.

JOLA solutions from the ELPRO LEPENIK & CO.:

JOLA floor electrodes are used to measure the conductivity of liquids . You can check which one best suits your application or process in our product range.

Image: floor electrodes JOLA


The measurement process uses alternating current to ensure accurate response sensitivity and to prevent galvanic processes at the electrodes.

Reliable detection of electrically poorly conductive liquids (compared to the above mentioned liquids) can be achieved by adjusting the sensitivity of the conductive relay Ex electrode.

Author Katarina Žunko, source: our JOLA sales programme
January 2021

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