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Compulsory PCT from 15. September 2021 onwards

For our subscribers

In accordance with the Decree on the method of compliance with the condition of being sick, vaccinated and tested (Official Gazette 146/2021 of 11 September 2021), it is compulsory for all workers and persons who work for an employeron any other legal basis to comply with the PCT condition.

This is to ensure that employees of ELPRO Lepenik & Co. d.o.o. who perform work on behalf of the Company, at the Company’s site or in the field, regularly demonstrate the PCT condition – until this commitment is revoked. This is not the case for employees who are absent from work and/or travelling on their own time. You can check at any time on 031 663 808 (Aleksandra Lepenik) whether our employees have properly demonstrated the PCT condition.

For our visitors

According to the Ordinance on the method of fulfilling the condition of being sick, vaccinated and tested (Official Gazette 146/2021 of 11.9.2021), it is compulsory for persons who are users of services or who are involved in or present at the performance of activities to fulfil the PCT condition.

The use of a protective mask and personal clearance is mandatory, as well as hand disinfection.

Please ring and wait to be admitted. For official representatives of companies, the verification of the PCT condition is provided by their employer, natural persons must prove themselves by means of a certificate as provided for by the Decree in Article 2 of the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, 146/2021.

It is important for all of us to do our jobs safely and healthily, and we thank everyone for their consideration.

ELPRO Lepenik Collective

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