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ALU housing for installation of the measuring transducer

Best practice example - options for integrating a transducer into temperature sensors and ALU housing for transducer installation

Standard temperature sensors have built-in resistive sensors or thermocouples. When an analogue signal (4 … 20 mA or 0 … 10 V) is required for control, the temperature sensors are equipped with transducers.

What if the temperature sensors are existing and a transducer needs to be retrofitted?

Option 1 : return the sensor to the manufacturer to make the change – the economics are worse here, the rework is time-consuming.

RECOMMENDATION: Never remove the connecting legs yourself to install the inverter – the possibility of damage is very high.

Option 2: the sensor may already have a high head ready or alternatively the user can retrofit the transducer themselves.

Option 3: Disconnecting the connecting cable and adding an overhead enclosure for self-installation of the converter.

Option 4: Disconnecting the connecting cable and upgrading the overhead enclosure with an already installed converter of your choice.

ATTENTION: from the sensor to the transducer use connecting cable that corresponds to the sensor or thermocouple! From the transducer to the control, use a two-wire Cu connection cable, e.g. 2 x 0,22 mm2.

The advantage of ready-made enclosures

The robust ALU housing for the installation of the transducer (aluminium housing (IP65)) comes with a ready-made cable gland PG11 (IP68), or others on request, and a special mounting plate that allows easy on-site installation of the transducer. Quick and easy.

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Figure: ALU housing with integrated transducer (as an example of the finished product)

If of the measuring transducer you don’t already have one, you can buy one – we will install and configure it for you, you just need to tell us what configuration of transducer you want.

In this combination, we can also supply connection cables in shorter lengths than the 10 m minimum. Usually the cable is on the side of the sensor closer to the sensor.

EXPERT ARTICLE: ALU housing for the installation of a transducer

AUTHOR: Aleksandra Lepenik
February 2022

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