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AFROMETER for measuring the overpressure in sparkling wine

AFROMETER for measuring the overpressure in the production of different types of sparkling wine

For fast, reliable and stable overpressure measurements in the production of different types of sparkling wine, an apherometer is indispensable. afrometer . It is used to measure the overpressure in bottles of (sparkling) sparkling wines and (sparkling) perry wines. Measuring the overpressure and observing precise parameters to achieve quality production is necessary in most sparkling wine production processes. The instrument can be used to efficiently check the overpressure in bottles with stoppers (cork stoppers, plastic stoppers, metal crown caps, screw caps).

Afrometer consists of:

  • 1 x CPG500 digital pressure gauge in a robust housing with rubber casing, 0.25% accuracy and ZERO function
  • 1 x handle
  • 1 x handle holder
  • 1x aphrometer housing
  • 1 x screws for fixing to the bottle
  • 1 x needle and seal
  • 1 x removable steel tip
measuring the pressure in sparkling wine

Image: afrometer

At ELPRO Lepenik, we assemble the AFROMETER according to your demand and all the necessary components.


Measurements must be made on bottles that have been at a constant temperature for at least 24 hours. Once the cap, cork or plastic stopper is pierced, the bottle must be shaken vigorously until the pressure becomes constant and a reading can be obtained.

The holder must be pushed under the ring of the bottle. Next, the nut is screwed on so that the whole apparatus is screwed onto the bottle. The top part is screwed to the nut. To avoid gas leaks, the stopper must be pierced as quickly as possible so that the joint touches the stopper. The bottle must then be shaken vigorously until it reaches the constant pressure required for the reading.

Frequent extra options (extra charge):

  • Aphrometers must be checked regularly (at least once a year)
  • ELPRO can arrange the calibration of your pressure gauge

Do not leave the control of pressure, which is a major factor in energy efficiency and a critical quality control point of the final product, to chance or inaccurate measurements. Contact us or call us on 02 62 96 720 – we’ll come and show you the instrument and let you test it.

More information on the solution itself and how to use it/instructions can be found in the app.

December 2020

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