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Here you can't hide behind a ficus, but you can be creative, self-initiated and successful in the work you love to do.



ZATE who want something more, have the desire to progress and enjoy technical

focused work, we are opening a VACANCY – PRODUCTION TECHNICIAN.

We are a smaller employer, but with a strong focus on our employees and their development. We are driven by the desire to pass on our expertise to younger generations. At the same time, we create the conditions for the successful work and development of our older employees. Here you can’t hide behind a ficus, but you can be creative, self-initiated and successful in the work you love to do.

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Our workplaces

We are always on the lookout for talent and electrical engineers with a soul. If you love electronics, are skilled, like to work on development and exciting projects, then send your CV and CV to [email protected]

We recruit from a wide range of professional backgrounds in electrical engineering, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, economics, metrology and quality. Let’s also teach a high school graduate to work in his/her areas of strength. You can also send us requests outside the advertised posts, with the mandatory reference “I authorise archiving for a period of six months”. If a post is advertised, you will be informed directly about the call or invited to participate in the project early.


We have places open all year round for students of electrical engineering to carry out the compulsory practical part of their education or studies. We are also open to recruitment after the student placement.

Send your request to [email protected] Please attach a brief description of the course or field of study, your specific skills preferences, previous work experience and competences.

Staff grant

We encourage students to pursue their education by offering staff scholarships in line with the needs of the company. In this case, we want the compulsory traineeship to be with us. Send your request to [email protected]

Student work

When needs increase, we post vacancies on the student services’ online portals.

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