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  1. Integrated INOR measuring transducer, with 4 … 20 mA output (5 year manufacturer’s warranty). The range of the transducer is freely configurable via NFC and the INOR connect app – you no longer need to communicate the measuring range in advance, you can easily and quickly configure or reconfigure it yourself on-site using your smartphone.
  2. Adjustable installation depth. The process connector slides down the pipe until it is fixed. In the standard version, it is fixedly sealed (suitable for liquid and gaseous media). If you do not want a fixed seal, use a PTFE sealing ring which allows the depth to be changed afterwards.
  3. The end position of the connection head is adjustable for the right position of the introducer in relation to the installation.
  4. Cartridge version – the housing stays in the system, the internal cartridge is removed for repair, transducer configuration or calibration.
  5. All materials in contact with the medium are stainless steel, no worries.
  6. Buy one sensor and use it for all installation depths between 50 and 160 mm or between 50 and 250 mm, the most common installation depths in liquid and gaseous media systems. The minimum recommended installation depth is 50 mm.
  7. In regular stock in lengths of 200 mm and 300 mm, allowing installation depths of up to 160 mm and up to 250 mm with attachment to the protective neck. Because we make them in batches and in stock, stock sensors are cheaper than made-to-order ones. They are not inferior or of lower quality, but the production process has been shortened to allow for a larger production run.
  8. An indispensable spare part for your warehouses and the optimal choice for applications with different installation lengths and areas. Instead of ten or more different lengths, you will now only need to purchase the appropriate number of two lengths and adjust them yourself. If more than 250 mm depth is required, we can also make the adjustable sensor in other lengths (optional, if required).
  9. All temperature sensors can be supplied with an accredited calibration certificate (optional).
  10. Option for ON SITE calibration – a calibration port is built into the measuring cartridge to allow on-site calibration without interrupting operation (optional, where required).

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Figure: Example of an adjustable temperature sensor (RTD)

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